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Customising Mediawikis

  • Setting up a new skin
    • Skins live in the skins subdirectory of a mediawiki installation.
    • Skins consist of:
      • A PHP file defining the skin class, normally called skinName.php
      • A dependency file, typically called skinName.deps.php
      • A directory, normally called skinName, containing style sheets and images (e.g. page background graphics and the like).
    • skinName represents the name of the skin. Somewhat confusingly, the name is capitalised in the PHP code files, but the directory name normally is all lowercase.
    • The default skin can be set using the $wgDefaultSkin variable in LocalSettings.php
    • As an example, this wiki uses a slight variation of the monobook skin.
  • allow editing of talk pages, but disable other page editing (outdated, the isSysop method no longer exists)