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This is the personal wiki of Jan T. Kim.

This wiki contains my thoughts, ideas, opinions and findings. You're welcome to browse and to discuss them. The stuff collected here has been useful or interesting enough for me to put it up here. Most of my scribblings here are incomplete, and some are undoubtedly inconsistent, weird or just plain wrong. I hope that you'll find something that is useful or interesting to you here.

Technically, you can edit the discussion page (a.k.a. talk page) which is associated with every page. If you'd like to change other pages, that's not possible by editing them directly, as this is a personal wiki. However, you're welcome to point out factual errors, and to try to convince me wherever you discover flaws or room for improvement.

Unfortunately a recent flurry of spam attacks forced me to disable editing of discussion pages. However, you're still welcome to contact me with any comments.

If you'd like to discuss anything more privately than by posting it on a discussion page here, please see my user page here and links contained there for ways to contact me.

If you're interested in setting up a similar wiki for your stuff, check out the Mediawiki page here.